Nation Building in Exile & Tibetans of Mixed Parentage


Some weeks ago, there was a gathering of Tibetans of Mixed Parentage. I was invited to speak at the gathering about the Exile-Tibetan situation.

I, being myself a son of a Ladakhi mother and a Tibetan father, felt that this could be also a good personal experience. And it was! I am quite sure that most Tibetans of mixed parentage wonder about their own Tibetan roots and its meaning for their life. There were times when I preoccupied me a lot with these questions. But lately, I have not given too much a thought about who I am. Therefor, this gathering with a wonderful variety of people was extremely educative and showed that there is no simple solution for this “huge question about life” but a promise that those will be a rewarded who don’t stop exploring these topics with open minded people. The reward is nothing less than personal enlightenment.

I did a brief presentation at the gathering titled «Nation Building in Exile – Some remarks about Tibetans in Exile and the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA)». If you are curious, just flip through the slides. There are some interesting images.

See for more information about the gathering Tibetans of Mixed Parentage.
Download PPT Nation Building in Exile.